Pages in EZGenerator that 'run' on a web server can't be previewed unless they are hosted by 'server' software. You have the option of uploading in these pages to an online host server OR you can install a private server on your PC and view your website from there. We recommend using one of the open source server packages that run on almost any Windows Operating System and are easy to configure. E.g. WAMP and XAMPP. They can run Apache, PHP and MySQL based pages. To download one of these local servers and install it on your PC click below:

Download WAMP or XAMPP

How to upload my site to the test server

  • You need to know where your server Web Root folder is (where your website is stored).
    • For WAMP, websites folder is C:\wamp\www\.
    • For XAMPP, websites folder is C:\xampp\htdocs\.
  • Create a Sub-folder inside this folder for each project you want to upload. You can use the name of your project for this folder: C:\wamp\www\[my project name] or C:\xampp\htdocs\[my project name].
  • Go to the EZGenerator >> Extra menu >> Project Settings >> Upload and check Upload to Folder option.
  • Use the Browse button to navigate to C:\wamp\www\[my project name] or C:\xampp\htdocs\[my project name]\ folder.
  • Go to Extra menu >> Publish and select Publish Website.

How to access my site

You can now access your site through the following URL: http://localhost/[my project name].