project settings


The Project Settings panel contains a set of general configuration options for your website project, such as Project Url, Upload and Online Administration settings, PHP and MySQL settings.

Project URL

This is the web address for your site as it is published on the internet.

  • Project URL (text box) - Type here the URL that you use to access your site in an Internet Browser. EZGenerator will use this URL to open your site in your default web browser, also to generate an XML sitemap. The URL must begin with http:// or whatever protocol your site uses.
  • Generate Google XML sitemap (check box) - Check this box if you need an XML sitemap to be generated along with the standard TXT sitemap. This box is checked by default. If you check this box make sure to fill in correct URL (see above).


Assign here favicon image to your website. A favicon (short for "favorites icon") is an icon associated with your website. This is a small image that will appear in Browser favorite lists next to the site name and infront of the site URL in some browsers. You can use your own favicon or let EZGenearator convert any image to favicon.

Use the Change button and navigate to your image. If the image specified is in .ico format, EZGenerator will use this image as it is (unchanged). If the image specified is in .png/.gif format and image size is 32x32px/16x16px, EZGenerator will also use it as it is but will also create 32x32px (16x16px) .ico version of that image.

If the image is in any other format or size, EZGenerator will convert this image to 32x32px (16x16px) .ico file. Use the Size drop-down menu to set the preferred size for scaling. It is not required to have a site icon. Use Remove button to remove your favicon.

Note: IE6 on Windows XP will only use the favicon for bookmarked pages.


Upload Settings

Online Administration

Php Settings

MySQL Settings

Backup Settings

Advanced Settings

Project Notes

Press the button to add detailed notes for your project.