Since version new login rules have been implemented:

 The main rules:

  1. User can try up to 3 logins. 4-th incorrect try will block the account for 30 minutes
  2. Every new try will increase response time with 5 seconds, if it's incorrect. (1-st try: 5s, 2-nd try: 10s, 3-rd try: 15s, 4-th try: 20s and blocking)
  3. If the user requests a new password and confirms the process via e-mail, the 30 minute timeout (or whatever has left from it) is dropped and user can log in directly with the new password.
  4. If the 30 minutes timeout expires, user can try again 3 times.


 User that has his account blocked due to many inncorrect login attempts, get new status in  
 the users list - Blocked temporarily.

Normal blocking (user blocked by admin via [block] option in "manage users" section) cannot be unblocked after 30 minutes.

Admin can use the [unblock] button to unblock both normal and temproray blocked users

If blocked user tries to login several times, his status will change from Blocked to Blocked temporarily, and unblocking him will cause both blocks to drop. So be careful to not unblock someone that should not be unblocked!


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