Custom profile template allows you to  prepare fully custom profile page layout that will replace the default users profile page.


If you want to customize this default layout:

  • add normal page in EZGenerator.
  • in the Treeview, right click on page and select "Use page as User Profile Template"

  • Make sure Hidden in Menu, Hidden in Search and Use Page as User profile template are checked
  • Make sure Hidden in Sitemap is not checked

Once this page is prepared and uploaded, the profile link will lead to it instead.


Only users that have visitor access to the site can see that profile page.
Reason is that custom profile page cannot give access to edit pages.


Users with access different from this one will see the normal profile page.

Custom profile tempalte page macros

  • %PROFILE% - can be used like that, or with parameters %PROFILE()%
    Macro parameters:
    • %save_btn% - as the user profile is a form, this button is needed for users to save their changes (if %noinputs% macro is used this macro is not parsed)
    • %noinputs - replaces all macros with lables. Can be used to show only some information to the user (when they should not change their profile)
    • %addlabels% - automatically adds the default field label to each field. If this macro is not used, custom labels must be added on the page to indicate what each field is used for
    • Any possible profile field (that is added in the registration settings) - %username%, %email%, %avatar% etc. 
    • Image - user's avatar can be added as an image. Default macro is %SCALE(,150,0)%, but as alternative (until this page macros are fully prepared inside EZG) you can add Image1 from the Catalog page (or any other page that has image macro) and copy-paste it on the profile page.

  • %CHANGE_PASS% - can be used like that, or with parameters %CHANGE_PASS()%
    Macro parameters:
    • %old_pass% - old password field
    • %new_pass% - new password field
    • %repeat_pass% - repeat new password field
    • %save_btn% - save button
    • %addlabels% - as previous - adding default labels to the fields

  • %MYORDERS% - adding list with site shops and clicking each shop will show (directly on page, no redirections) current user orders. If only one shop is present on the site, then this shop orders are directly shown.

  • %SITE_MAP% - can be used like that, or with parameters %SITE_MAP()%
    Macro parameters (Notice: these parameters only determine which columns of the table will be shown, repositionin or reordering them does nothing)
    • %page_title% - clickable page title
    • %admin_link% - if user has access to edit this page, [edit] link will be added
    • %page_loads% - shows current page loads, if counter is used
    • %unique_visitors% - shows unique visitors, if counter is used
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