!notice : all settings on this tab can be changed separately for each language used in project

Website Headline

Headline Text/Slogan Text  - define text displayed in header template



Use Asian Font - Enable to use Gulim font (font with better support for Asian Languages) inside ezgenerator edit mode

Left To Right Mode - Specify the text direction/writing direction. (set to Left to Right for Hebrew, Arabic, Persian, Urdu...)

Language Settings

Online Editor - Select language for online editor

User Interface - Select Language for online User Interface

Time Format - Specify Time format used on website

Date Format - Specify Date format used on website


Interface Lables - Labels used for communication with website visitors:

- search labels (labels used in search operations)

- form messages (labels used in form validation/handling)

- month and day names (labels used in calendars and date/time controls)

- registration labels (labels used in user registration dialogs)