In Template Mode Area you can change template HTML and Css for current page. You use this section if you want apply changes to single page only. In case you want to change html or css for whole project, use project template editor.




Edit Page Css

Page CSS are separate rules, each rule start with selector, followed by one or more properties (enclosed by {} ).


selector { property: value }


selector can be:

- class ( with . prefix)  ex.  .myclass{color:#ffffff;}

- identifier (id --> with # prefix)  ex.  #myid{color:#ffffff;}

- tag   (without prefix)   ex.   table{color:#ffffff;}

You can combine elements within one selector, for example:  h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, #mydi, .myclass{color:#ffffff;}


To create new rule, write selector name, followed by {  }  


To edit properties within selector you can use CSS Editors screen (this section is hidden by default and can be activated by button , see above image) .

... or you can directly write or copy and paste css code