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Each time you close EZGenerator or switch to another project, a backup of the current project is created. You can use these backups if your project is corrupted (because of a power failure or computer reset for example).


backup settings


When you reinstall EZGenerator, make sure to manually backup both EZGenerator/data/ and EZGenerator/backup/ folders (copy them to a safe location). After reinstalling, simply copy the content of these two folders in the corresponding data/ and backup/ folders in your new EZGenerator installation.

It is recommended to regularly make manual backup of data/ folder to avoid project lost in case of a computer crash.

Backup Folder

The default backup folder is EZGenerator\backup. To change this folder, click the Change Backup folder button and select new folder.

When you change the backup folder, the existing backup files will NOT be moved to the new location. If you want them moved to the new location, you need to do this manually.

Backup Type

Choose between a fast and full backup. If you select Fast Backup only the database will be backed up. Thismakes the process of backing up your project faster, but you can't restore images or web pages from the backup. With Full Backup whole project will be backed up including all pictures and pages.

Backups Count Limit

Sets the number of backups that EZGenerator will keep. The oldest backups are automatically deleted to preserve the total number of backups specified.

Set No limit if you want all backups to be kept.

Make Full Backup every

According to the setting specified in this drop-down menu, full backup will be created every X days (even if Fast Backup is set).

Available backups

This is a list of available database backup files for the current project. The file name consists of: [year][month][day]-[hour][minute]+".zip", where the date and time is the current time at the moment of the backup creation. For example, means the file was created on 11/26/2002 at 13:37.


  • Delete Checked Backups (button) - Press this button to delete all selected backups.
  • Recover From Backup (button) - When you press this button, the current project is recovered from the selected backup. Along with this, backup of the current project is created and saved with "restoreCopy" suffix (for example,
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