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An Inline Frame allows you to embed a complete external HTML document (another web-page) within your page.

The widget is not displayed in EDIT mode. Switch to BROWSE mode or make an offline preview to see the widget in context. While in EDIT mode you will see this icon:

The preview icon shows the actual size of the inline frame on the page. You can resize the inline frame directly in the Main Screen by dragging the preview icon or by changing its properties in Widget Settings window (see below).

To insert an Inline Frame widget:
  1. Position the cursor | where you want to insert the widget.
  2. Go to Editing Tools.
  3. ClickWidgets button and select Inline Frame.
  4. Adjust the form settings (see below) and press OK. You can change the settings later by double-clicking the widget icon while in EDIT mode.

Widget Settings

Double-click the widget preview icon to open its settings window:

Inline Frame Url

  • Source URL (text box) - Set the url of the page you want to embed. This can be any internal or external url.
  • Iframe name (text box) - Defines name for the Iframe. This name is used as a target for a url that needs to load inside this frame.
  • Iframe ID (text box) - The Iframe ID is a unique string name for the iframe object which is used in scripting. EXPERTS ONLY!


  • Height (edit box)- Set the frame height (in pixels). Include % to set it as a percentage of the host page. Check Auto height if you want the height to be set automatically.
  • Width (edit box)- Set the frame width (in pixels). Include % if you need to set it as a percentage of the host page. Check Auto widthif you want the width to be set automatically.

    Auto height and width only work for internal pages (pages from within same website domain).

  • Scrolling (drop-down menu) - Sets if the inline frame will include scroll bars. Yes - include scroll bars; No - don't include scroll bars even if the content exceeds the frame size; Auto - display scroll bars only if the displayed content exceeds the frame size.


  • Horizontal (edit box) - Set horizontal padding around the frame (in pixels).
  • Vertical (edit box) - Set vertical padding around the frame (in pixels).


  • Height (edit box) - Set a vertical margin between the frame's rectangle and the content displayed inside it.
  • Width (edit box) - Set a horizontal margin between the frame's rectangle and the content displayed inside it.

Iframe Border

  • Border (edit box, drop-down menu and color picker) - Set a border width, style and color for the Iframe. Leave the Size box empty to set invisible borders.


  • Vertical (drop-down menu) - Set vertical alignment of the frame.
  • Horizontal (drop-down menu) - Set horizontal alignment of the frame.

Additional Settings

  • Message for non-inline frame browsers (text box) - Type a short text message to be displayed in browsers that do not support inline frames.
  • Tag (text box) - Include any extra settings in the Iframe tag.


If you want to load predefined settings or save current settings and use them later for another object, use the Presets option (at the top left corner). For more information see Presets.