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You can embed third-party scripts (PHP, Perl, ASP or other) in your project. There are two ways to accomplish this:

Link the script to a page

  • Manually copy the script somewhere in your project (for example, in EZGenerator/data/<your project>/web/documents/ folder).
  • Go to a page, open the Page Settings tab on the Toolbar, find External Linkproperty and type the path to your third-party script. For example, if you have copied PHP script in documents/ folder, type here: ../documents/your_script.php.


  • Insert Hyperlink with Link Type 'external' and navigate to your script. In this case EZGenerator will automatically copy the script in your project folder.

Insert the script code in a page

  • Select the page where you want to insert external code and go to the Editing Tools toolbar, press Widgets button and select HTML code. >
  • Open Page Settings tab on the Toolbar and use Filename property to rename the page with corresponding extension (for example, filename.php if your script is PHP).


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