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With Administration panel you manage your website in your web browser (online). For example, to browse your sitemap, check counter statistics, add content in editable pages (Blog, Calendar, Online editable page, Shop, etc), configure counters, self-registration and time zone, or manage users for protected areas in your site.

To access Administration panel:
  • Insert a Hyperlink with Link Type: online administration on any page in your site. When you upload and access site in browser use this link to access admin panel.


  • Go to the Project Settings toolbar, press Online Administration button, select Go to Online Administration panel and type a selected username & password.
Make sure to first set username and password for your Online Administration account in Online Administration Settings.

Online Administration menu:

  • Site map shows your site structure by language, menu items, pages and subpages.



    For each page you have: a Page name column where you can see list of all pages; Admin Link column where you can access the admin panel for all editable pages (such as Blog, Calendar, Online Editable Page, etc); Protected column where you can check which pages are protected (X). If you use an EZGenerator counter, you will see two more columns Page loads and Unique Visitors (check Set Counter). When you click on [details] link you will be redirected to counter graph statistics screen.


  • In Manage users you manage users with access to your website. You can add/edit/remove users.

    manage users


    Each user has unique username. Hover with mouse over a user to get editing actions: edit access, details, password, remove and block. With the block option you can inactivate user.

    With Add user you create users.

    When you give access to users you have 4 options:

  • Visitor - The user will have access to all protected pages in the site.
  • Editor - The user will have access to all protected pages and also he will be able to edit all special pages (Blog, Calendar, Shop, Online Editable pages, etc).
  • Admin - This user will have same rights as editor + access to admin sections of site.
  • Access on page level - Give access to one page and forbid access to another. Note that for protected pages you can set view, edit or no access, while for non-protected pages with admin panels, you can set edit or no access. For more information on protection, see Page Protection.


    With Non-confirmed users option you check users that have signed up for registration but have not yet confirmed it. You can remove these users or re-send them confirmation email. Applicable only if Self-Registration is enabled.

  • Use Counter settings screen to change your counter settings (check Set Counter for more information on the topic).
  • With Registration Settings you configure Self-Registration. Applicable only if Self-Registration is enabled.
  • Use Settings screen to change Administration panel Language, to set Time Zone offset and Redirect Page after logout.
  • In Log File you can check users activity at your site.
  • Use Logout to log out of Administration panel.

If you want to change default admin panel formatting style, go to Template Editor and then in Online Administration section.


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