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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Is there a blank template available in EZGenerator?

We have a blank templates available called 'zero'.

If you want to design your own template, you have few options:

  • Use Zero/v1 or Zero/v1_black template (which are in fact empty templates) and define layout for each page.
    you can use sitemap widget to add pages navigation or you can use your own (external) menus
  • Use Zero/v**980 templates, where you define the layout for each page and use EZG menu's. To insert menu, right-click in page and use ZERO mode fields option.
  • Customize one of the existing templates, using Template Styles/Html option.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

How do I add my company logo to a template?

In most templates, you can use editable images.
Change the templates editable image with your companies logo.

  • Rightclick in the editor on the template image.
  • Click the editable image properties.
  • Locate your logo image on your hard disc.
  • Add your logo to the template.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Can you make a personalized template for my kind of business?

The EZGenerator template images can be customized.

Most of our templates have at least 1 image that can be changed at wish.
Please add a picture that reflects your business best.

You can also create a custom template starting from the Zero template.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Will EZGenerator templates stay available for free?

Your EZGenerator license comes with a 1-year update subscription.

You have full access to all templates and program updates during 1 year.
After the period of free updates, if you want to get further updates you should subscribe for a new 1-year update subscription

It is NOT REQUIRED to get 1-year update subscription, you can use EZGenerator without subscription if you don't need updates.

You can pay for subscription later when you need updates again (which will give you rights for updates for next 1 year).

When your update subscription gets expired, this doesn't mean EZGenerator is expired or unusable, you can keep using software and already downloaded templates.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Can I download all (new) templates at once?

No it isn't possible to download all templates at once.

There is no need to download all templates.
You only have to download the templates you actually use.

If all our customers would download the complete 1 Giga byte batch of templates at once, our download server will turn unusable.

It is only possible to download one template at a time, choose a template style before you start downloading.
Please check the web templates gallery page to see previews of all our templates.

Click the preview window to get a full screen popup of an example website rendered in the chosen template and style.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Can I use different templates in 1 website? For each language an other template?

The easiest way to create this effect is to:

Make different projects for each website.
Each project can have an other template.

In the index page of one project, change the link EZGenerator adds by default into a hand made link to the path of the different websites.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Can you send me the templates on a CD/DVD?

No. Both the EZGenerator program as the EZGenerator templates are only available online.

The EZGenerator installer is a 90Mb download.
A default range of templates is included in this installer.

Extra templates can be downloaded at the time you need them.
Templates are updated and added regularly.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Is there a template design tool, so you can custom design your own template?

EZGenerator works with its own templates only.

We provide a wide range of templates ready to use.

Easy customize:

EZGenerator templates have easy customization options.
No special knowledge is needed for these changes.

EZGenerator allows you to easy customize these template options:
- template image (the photo on top of the template)
- background
- colors
- fonts (style/color/size)
- buttons
- menu / category / page header items
- ...

More options for advanced users:

Radical changes in templates are possible, but it is a specialized and technical process.

EZGenerator includes a template editor, which allows you to highly customize a template.
This can be done starting from the empty 'zero' template, or from any other existing EZGenerator template.

You need to be an advanced user with thorough html/css/php knowledge to make these changes. 

EZGenerator supports import of Artisteer generated templates.

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Monday, September 26, 2011

My EZGenerator trial version puts an E for A?

This is NOT an error.
This is an EZGenerator demo version limitation.

Once you buy the full registered EZGenerator program all letters will stay as they were entered into the program.

  • The Trial version will switch the letter 'a' to the letter 'e'
    on every webpage you render.
  • Trial version will add a footer on every webpage saying:
    'This page has been generated with the Trial version of EZGenerator'.
  • All processed Images will get a 'Trial' Watermark.

For all demo limitations see the page on this link:
EZGenerator trial limitations

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Do you have printable documentation?

No, but we do have very detailed online information available:

  • The detailed EZGenerator help file.
    F1 in the program or available online on the EZGenerator web site.
    This help is printable, but it will be difficult to find something in its printed version.

  • This EZGenerator how to blog
    for often asked questions on how to use specific EZGenerator features.

  • The EZGenerator user forum
    If none of the above sources give you an answer.
    Our technicians will answer your questions posted on the forum.

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Where does EZGenerator save my project?

Your project is saved in [EZGenerator]/data/[Project name]
where [EZGenerator] is the folder EZGenerator is installed on your PC
and [Project] is your project name.


This folder contains full offline project content.


PHP pages as Blog, Calendar, Photoblog, Guestbook, Online Editable page, Podcast, Subscribe store data online (in on-line database).




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Monday, September 26, 2011

Can I sell a website I made with EZGenerator?

Yes, you can without a problem sell websites you make in EZGenerator to your customers.

You can not give a copy of the EZGenerator software installation to your customer, in that case you need to order an additional EZGenerator license on your customers name.

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Do you send me a CD-ROM with the EZGenerator program?

EZGenerator is a directly downloadable product.
You can download the installer (± 90 Mb in size) directly from our servers.

After your purchase payment is completed, you are directed to a page with download, installation and registration instructions. You get access to the EZGenerator links on your private download page: 'MY ACCOUNT'. If you follow these instructions, you will be up and running in no time.

This means that we do NOT send you a CD-ROM afterwards.

The advantage of this method is that we can easily provide you with :

* No shipping costs
* Direct online delivery
* FREE upgrades
* Pre-releases
* Manuals
* Tutorials
* Tech Support on our forum
* etc...

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Monday, September 26, 2011

How long does it take to send me my EZGenerator registration?

Order processing for EZGenerator is instant as soon as your payment is received.
Depending on the payment processing company your order uses, a few minutes delay could occur (maximum 30 minutes).
RBS Worldpay / PayPal
As soon as your payment is processed, the software is available on your personal 'my account' page. Most payments are processed instantly.

A delay of maximum 15 to 30 minutes is possible.
Please do not retry an order directly.
Avangate will try to verify your payment manually if automatic processing is not possible.

Order status:
One of these statuses is shown after the payment page:

unpaid -> you can restart a new order payment after 30 minutes.
pending -> contact Avangate to give them extra information about your orders payment.
on-hold -> contact Avangate to give them extra information about your orders payment.


Contact Avangate:
Avangate has a 24/7 hotline, where you can call for human help if your orders payment is for some reason not accepted.

Please check for e-mail messages from Avangate before calling them.
There will be a specific ordering number in their e-mail message.
Communicate that number to the Avangate staff member, so they find back your order try faster.

Shopper support on order and payment related issues:
International: +31 88 000 0008 (24 hour support)
USA and Canada: (650) 963 - 5701

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Is EZGenerator available in different languages?

The EZGenerator program interface and all support documents are available in English ONLY.

EZGenerator web projects and web sites can be in any language you like.
Web sites with multiple languages are possible.

Localization of all text messages used in the web site is possible.
Some languages are supported by default in web site projects.

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Can I recover my project using my uploaded web site?

The EZGenerator web project isn't the same as your online web site.
The web project contains more information than the online pages.

EZGenerator includes multiple backup options.
Please first check if one of these options backup files are still available to recover your web project.

EZGenerator can not download your online web site and turn it back into an EZGenerator web project.

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Monday, September 26, 2011

How can I transfer my EZGenerator projects between 2 EZGenerator running computers?

It is possible to simply copy the EZGenerator web site project directory from one computer to another.


projects are sub-folders in ezgenerator/data/ folder:


project folders

How to transfer project in between v4:

  • Make sure your project and EZGenerator 4 are using the latest available versions of program and template. If a newer version of the program or template are available, download and apply them before moving the project! 
  • Copy your project from Program Files/ezgenerator4/data/ folder and paste it into Program Files/ezgenerator4/data/ folder on the other computer.
  • Open your project directly on the other computer


How to transfer v3 project to v4:

  • Make sure your project is using the latest available version of the template. Still in V3, search for template updates and if a newer version of the template is available, download and apply it to your project before moving the project to V4! 
  • Copy your project from the Program Files/ezgenerator3/data/ folder and paste it into the Program Files/ezgenerator4/data/ folder.
  • Open your project in EZG 4.
  • Do a Full Build.

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Do I need to have any previous updates installed to be able to use online update?

EZGenerator online updates are downloaded automatically at startup of your EZGenerator program.
The downloaded update is only executed as soon as you close and restart the EZGenerator program.

The online update will automatically change your EZGenerator program to the latest version, regardless of your current EZGenerator programs version number. The online update detects all outdated EZGenerator files and replaces them with the latest EZGenerator program version files.

Your webproject directories are never touched by the online update.

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Monday, September 26, 2011

1-year Subscriptions and EZGenerator Updates / Templates Access

If you are an existing customer the following applies to updating EZGenerator and on-line template access.


EZGenerator 2 to 4
- You can update from 2 to 4 for FREE. First update from 2 to 3, then to 4.

EZGenerator 3 to EZGenerator 4 - You can update from 3 to 4 for FREE.

Once updated you will have access to further free updates ONLY if you have purchased EZGenerator 3 or 4 within the last 12 months. You will then have access to your remaining balance of free updates and template access to 1 year from the date of purchase. To purchase 1-year updates, log into your MY ACCOUNT and click here.


You have access to 1 year of free program updates and on-line template download for 12 months after purchase of EZGenerator OR renewal of updates.

If your 1-year updates/template access expires, EZGenerator 4 will continue to function as follows:

YOU CAN still make websites and create your own templates AND use templates already downloaded.

YOU CAN renew your 1-year access at any time and get another year of program updates & templates.

YOU CAN'T download new templates and won't receive program updates.


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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ogone Configuration


To Use Ogone as payment provide in shop: 

a. add new page and select layout "shop_ogone"

b. create Ogone account (on Ogone website)

c. Configure following options in Ogone account



in 1. use url of your shop page with ?action=checkout at the end

in 2. SHA-IN : define password phrase here, you will also need it inside ezgenerator payment settings (see below)



in 3. use url of your shop page with ?action=return at the end

enable option 3. and 4.

in 6. SHA-OUT : define password phrase here, you will also need it inside ezgenerator payment settings (see below)


c.) inside EZGenerator, shop page settings, payment tab define following parameters



ID : your Ogone account ID

SHA-IN,SHA-OUT:  password phrases you defined inside Ogone



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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How can I manually update EZGenerator?

No, there is no default procedure for downloading EZGenerator updates manually.

We develop and update EZGenerator at an almost daily basis.
Each time you start EZGenerator, the program will download the most recent program version automatically.

We suggest you try to use the automatic update from Menu help > Online update.

If the automatic update does not work, please check our EZGenerator support forum.

You will find suggestions to solve most common update errors there.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Can I unlock the EZGenerator trial to a full program by registering it?

Yes, you can unlock the EZGenerator 4 demo program.

Try out our EZGenerator 4 software by installing the demo program.
Start creating your web site.

When you bought an EZGenerator license, you have the program available in your 'my account' page on

To unlock the demo program to the full version, enter your 'my account' sign in e-mail address and password into the EZGenerator about window. For details, check this step by step procedure

Web site projects you started in the EZGenerator 4 demo stay available in the registered full software.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Can I install and run EZGenerator on a computer without internet?

Yes, this is possible to install, register and use EZGenerator on an offline computer.

If you don't have an internet connection please use this procedure to download and register EZGenerator :

1. Sign in to your 'my account' page on any internet connected computer.
2. Download the EZGenerator installer file and the flregkey.reg unlocking key file from the link you received on your 'my account' page.
3. Write the EZGenerator installer file on a CD-ROM/memory stick and install the program on the offline pc.
4. EZGenerator 4: Run the downloaded key file to unlock your EZGenerator 4 program.

For the web templates:

1. Install and register EZGenerator on an internet connected computer.
2. Fully download the templates and styles you like to use.
3. Write the ...EZGeneratorwebtemplates directory to a CD-ROM/memory stick
4. On your offline computer, overwrite the installed ...EZGeneratorwebtemplates with the CD-ROM/memory stick saved files.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

EZGenerator installation instructions (new version 4)

ATTENTION: EZGenerator 4 no longer uses a 20 digit serial number for registration.

New procedure:

A. Install the EZGenerator 4 trial program.
B. Enter your 'my account' sign in details into the EZGenerator 4 program (in the about window).


B. Step by step registration of the program:

  1. Start the EZGenerator trial program.

  2. Click the EZGenerator logo at the top right of the program (arrow 1) and select 'About EZGenerator' from the menu (arrow 2)

    EZGenerator menu 
  3. Click the 'Unlock' button

    Unlock button
  4. Enter your 'my account' sign in details.
    This is your e-mail address used when ordering EZGenerator and your own chosen password.

    !! Attention: Do not forget to read and accept our 'Terms of use'

    Click the 'unlock' button to continue

    registration details
  5.  Your EZGenerator program is now registered / unlocked.

    EZGenerator is unlocked - registered

  6. You see your name and customer number appear in the EZGenerator About window.
    Program registration name visible 
  7.  Close About dialog and click on Full Build button on top (to remove any Trial version replacements in code)



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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My PC uses an ISP with dynamic IP addressing, can I register?

EZGenerator checks your IP address upon registration.

Internet Service Providors with dynamic IP addressing do not pose a problem for you to register (or re-register) your EZGenerator software.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Can I use EZGenerator on my home pc and laptop? Do I need 2 licenses?

You can install/use EZGenerator yourself on multiple computers, as long as you only use the programs one at a time. Just make sure nobody else uses your registration code (we check users/IP).

When we see that your registration is used on a lot of computers, simultaniously, geographically spread, we will start asking questions. But when you use it on your own computers, this won't be any problem at all.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I lost my EZGenerator registration. Can you re-send it?

Your EZGenerator registration and installation stay available to you at all times.
Find them on your 'my account' page under 'my licenses' (sign in might be needed)


sign in process

Your \\'my account\\' sign in codes are:
Re-download the registration file from your 'my account' page after sign in to
- Sign in e-mail: The e-mail address you used to order EZGenerator
- Password: The password you entered/chose yourself when ordering.

Click the image below to see a video of the complete process:
EZGenerator sign in process

When you forgot your password:
Go to the password recovery page: Forgot your password? Retrieve your password here!

When you forgot your sign in e-mail and/or password:
Contact our registration staff by creating a private 'support ticket'
Add your original ordering information to the message (name, postal address, e-mail, payment ID, ...)

EZGenerator 3 users:
Your old EZGenerator 3 serial number is also listed on the 'my account' page under \\'my licenses\\'
Find it at the bottom of the EZGenerator registration information box

EZGenerator 3 serial number location

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Monday, September 5, 2011

How to display Blog/Shop category links on other pages in website

 use this code to add text links for shop/blog/photoblog categories on different page or editable area (even for pages in different project)


use insert html and following code :


for vertical list:

 < script type="text/javascript" src="../shop/shop.php?category_vlist">< /script >


for horizontal list:

 < script type="text/javascript" src="../shop/shop.php?category_hlist">< /script>


style of links can be tweaked by adding extra css to page :

for example

.ver_cat_list a{font:11px verdana;color: #c0c0c0;}


.hor_cat_list a{font:11px verdana;color: #c0c0c0;}


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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Flash tags cloud in blog/podcast

This option is no longer developed. We do not recommend you install and use it. If you are currently using this option, please consider disabling it.




How to install the flash tags cloud:

  • Download WP Cumulus flash plugin at WP CUMULUS Flash tags cloud
  • Unzip the archive and manually upload file tagcloud.swf in folder extdocs/ on server.
  • Open your project in EZGenerator, go to the Blog/Podcast page and insert %FLASH_TAGS_CLOUD% macro from Fields panel.


If you want to change the tags cloud size or colors, here is the list of parameters you can use:

%FLASH_TAGS_CLOUD(width,height,tag color,tcag olor2,hover color,background color,transparency,tspeed,distr)%


  • Width - width of tag cloud.
  • Height - height of tag cloud.
  • Tag color - tag color.
  • Tag color - tag color for less important tags. If supplied, tags will get a color from a gradient between both colors based on their popularity.
  • Hover color - tag mouseover/hover color.
  • Transparency - is set to true will set background transparency for the tags cloud. Possible values: true/false.
    Tspeed - determines the speed of the sphere’s rotation in percentage. The default is 100, higher numbers increase the speed.
  • Distr - even tag distributiosn along sphere. If set to true, the tags are distributed evenly over the sphere’s surface. Possible values: true/false.


Example: %FLASH_TAGS_CLOUD(300,200,e520ae,91cee3,ffcc00,ffffff,true,100,true)%


To use the plugin for other languages (that has special non ASCII characters), you’ll need to get version of tagcloud.swf that supports this.

For some languages such version is already available (Russian, Hebrew, Turkich, Polish) here, for others you can prepare such version by yourself following the instructions at:

How to add more characters to the Flash tags cloud

When you have proper version of tagcloud.swf, simply upload it on server in extdocs/ folder to replace the default one.


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Thursday, September 1, 2011

How to migrate from EZG v3 to v4

System requirements:


  • Windows XP/ Vista / Windows 7 /Windows 8
  • Internet Explorer 8 (or higher version)
  • Screen resolution: 1024 x 768 pixels or higher
  • Internet connection
  • Latest Flash installed in Internet Explorer


Server Requirements:


EZGenerator created sites will work on any web server.

  • PHP Requirements - you need minimum PHP 5 installed on server, if you use any of the PHP pages and features (as Blog, Podcast, Photoblog, Calendar, Newsletter, Guestbook, Tell a friend, Request, Shop, Search, Counter, RSS Parser and Online Administration panel ).
  • MySQL Requirements - you also need minimum MySQL 4.1, if you have switched project to MySQL and use any of the PHP driven pages and features.


How to install EZG v4:


 My Licenses


If you have problems with your account and can't find My Licenses section, visit our Ticketing system and post request at:

  • Go to EZGenerator 4.x procedure section and download EZG 4 installer


 Download box


  • Download the registry file by clicking on regcode link (.reg)
  • Install EZG 4. You don't need to uninstall EZG 3. Install EZG 4 in different folder in Program Files.
  • Run the registry code file that you have already downloaded


How to transfer v3 project to v4:

  • Make sure your project is using latest available version of template, still in V3, search for template updates and if newer version of template is available, download and apply it to project before moving project to V4! 
  • Copy your project from Program Files/ezgenerator3/data/ folder and paste it into Program Files/ezgenerator4/data/ folder
  • Open your project in EZG 4
  • Do Full Build


Possible problems with v4:


    • Catalog and Contacts modules are removed. You don't have local database anymore. All pages that read data from this local database will not work in EZG v4 (as non-php Catalog/Contacts lister). You will have to replace them with the new MySQL pages (catalog and shop).
    • In EZG v3 standard shop/catalog pages use Catalog module to store data. You can have multiple shop pages using same database from catalog module. In EZG v4 shop/catalog pages use MySQL only and each shop/catalog page has its own database table.


Important: If you use standard shop (non-mysql) along with Catalog module and you want to keep them,  DON'T move to EZG v4.

If you have standard shop/catalog (non-mysql) and want to move to MySQL shop/catalog, you have to add new shop/catalog page and make one time data conversion. Don't panic, you will not loose your existing shop data. After you add new shop page and upload on server, you have to go to Shop online admin panel. There is option Import, where you will be lead step by step into the date conversion process.


  • You may encounter problems with old page layouts. If this is the case, re-load the layout - right-click inside page and select Page Layout Presets, then Load Page Layout Preset and select certain layout.
  • For all form pages (as Newsletter and Request) make sure to open email field properties (by double-clicking on the email field in EZG) and check Validate as email.
  • You have to use only v4 compatible templates. You can check if your template is v4 compatible at (simply check if it is in the list). Also make sure you are using latest version of template. If you are using template that is not in this list, you better continue using EZG v3 for this project.


MySQL support:


EZG V4 can use MySQL for all php features (Blog, Calendar, Counter, Search, etc).

You set your project to either use MySQL, or flat files. You can't have MySQL blog and flat file calendar in same project.

Only shop/catalog page always use MySQL. There is no flat file catalog/shop.


To switch your existing project to MySQL, you have to go to Project Settings >> MySQL Settings an check Use MySQL for all Live pages and do Full build.


Important: If you switch your existing project to MySQL, all php features (Blog, Calendar, Counter, Search, etc) will be automatically transferred to MySQL, which means data will be moved from flat file to MySQL. So, you will not loose existing data!



What if I use separate database for each MySQL shop page?

In v4 all pages use same database, but each has its own database table.

1) you need to use phpmyadmin panel (this is administrator MySQL panel)
2) you have to choose one database that you will use for your project
3) you have to export all other databases (that you use for shop pages) and then import the tables in the central database that you will use




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