Using Quick Product Functionality in New Product

Quick Product Functionality is very good way to assign products fields fast using only one single textarea.

By default this function is disabled. In order to enable it Go to shop/catalog online settings and check  "QUICK PRODUCT WHEN CREATE NEW PRODUCT" checkbox.


Go to New Product menu in shop admin online panel will see "QUICK PRODUCT" next to Save button at the top.

When this box is checked will show textaerea with names of all  (visible) fields related to this shop/catalog page, like this:









Each field must be on NEW line. Each line must contain field name followed by '=' (equal sign) and value of the field.


For example:


 name=Test prourct name 1






Test description



Some fields like `publish` are checkbox type so they can have only 2 values 1 for checked and 0 for not checked.

The field `cid` is category  field its value must be the same as one of your Categories names.

You can add only those fields that your needs required.

Each change in the textarea automatically effect some field.


At the end SAVE your product.



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