Add Multi-Buy Button

Multi-buy button is used to add multiple products to cart at once.


To use this feature be sure that you:

  1. to enable 'USE AJAX' option in shop settings.
  2. to have minicart or <BASKET_CART></BASKET_CART> in the page (categories or products page) where you will add multibuy button. If you want to know how to add those carts in popup window read: How to put Mini-Cart or Cart page (Basket) in Pop Up window (Hidden Div)
  3. to have in categories or/and in products page QUANTITY(FORM): Buy button with quantity edit.

Now you have to add multi-buy macro in your categories or/and products page inside HTMLCODE:


<MULTI_BUY_BUTTON><a href="%URL%" class="e_button" >Multi Buy</a></MULTI_BUY_BUTTON>

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Add Wishlist Feature

Wishlist is a web-based feature which allows registered users to add their favourite shop products into wish list.


- to use wishlist, add following macros (on categories/product detail page):

  1. %WISHLIST_LINK% macro, add this anywhere in categories page. User can access his wishlist through this link (when logged and wishlist is not empty).
  2. <ADD_TO_WISHLIST><a class="e_button" href="%URL%">add to wishlist</a></ADD_TO_WISHLIST>
     add this macro insde product body. With this macro user can add products to wishlist. When wishlist is not empty, macro is replaced with message : "You and 2 more customers added to wishlist" or replaced with wishlist link if user is the only one who have same product in his wishlist.
  3. (optional) <REMOVE_FROM_WISHLIST><a class="rvts4" href="%URL%">x</a></REMOVE_FROM_WISHLIST>
     this macro is visible only in wishlist page and is used to remove products from wishlist



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Adding custom shipping list rates (like pickup, delivery services such as DHL, FedEx and so.on)

Many times shipping rates is based on different delivery services like DHL, FedEx which don't have same tax.
With this tutorial you can add shipping list with post services in checkout page.
When users change list of this shipping rates, %shipping% macro is changed too based on assigned value.


  1. Go to EZG and click on checkout shop page. In add 'List field' macro with name `shipping_list` with size 1.
  2. Double click on added 'List field' and create your values and text. Add shipping_list Id to the field.
  3. Go to online shop admin  settings panel and click on shipping tab. Change shipping type to `based on custom sipping list`. Assign custom shipping rates with values (amount).
    Notice: Add same values as you did in shipping list macro.

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Adding Published / Unpublished dates to shop products

With  Published / Unpublished dates you can set products which will be published between those two dates ( like promo products ).

To activate this future have to add two shop custom fields:


  1. published_date (field type: datetime )

  2. unpublished_date (field type: datetime )


After Upload your project changes and Click on "Update database" button in shop Online Administration "settings" section you will see 

PUBLISHED_DATE / UNPUBLISHED_DATE row when edit or create new product. (In order to work, "PUBLISHED" checkbox of your product must be enabled).

First date is published date and by default it gets value of the created or updated date of the product.


By default unpublished date is not set so product will not have expired date. To activate unpublished date click on checkbox "unpublish":


Now all you have to do is set proper dates and this product will be published only in this period PUBLISHED_DATE - UNPUBLISHED_DATE.

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Adding shop output on other pages (external shop macros)

there are several macros available to display shop output on other pages :

to add all this macros on other page, use ezgenerator 'insert html' function

1. to display vertical or horizonatl shop category list, add following code :
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>


<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

2. to display shop minicart, add :

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

notice, minicart has to be also used on shop main or category page

3. to display shop tag cloud, add:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

4. to display random shop product, add following code:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

available parameters :
count : number of random products to be displayed
dir:   dir=h (products will be displayed horizontaly)
root:    specify root=1  if  destination page is in website root
file: path to file with random macro template (you have to use this parameter if you don't have random macro included on shop main page)

--> create extra page in your project (you can made this page hidden in menu) and copy random macro to this page, then use page relative path as file parameter

example of random macro in this file :

random macro

notice: random macro has to be also used on shop main or category page

example page with external shop macros


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