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Slideshow macro

in Photoblog, Image galleries can be displayed as slideshow.

you can use % SLIDESHOW % macro to display slideshow, by default, Fotorama slideshow is used

if you prefer to use other slideshow type, you can use use this options:


% SLIDESHOW(1)%  (to display slideshow type I)

% SLIDESHOW(2)%  (to display Multibox slideshow with thumbnails)

% SLIDESHOW(3)%  (to display Multibox slideshow with single thumnail image)

% SLIDESHOW(4)%  (to display slideshow type II)

% SLIDESHOW(5)%  (to display Fotorama slideshow)


Fotorama Slideshow support 2 extra parameters (lazy load and titles, both enabled by default)

% SLIDESHOW(5,1,1)% 




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