All kind of HTML/CSS changes that You can customize by yourself.

Can I download all (new) templates at once?

No it isn't possible to download all templates at once.

There is no need to download all templates.
You only have to download the templates you actually use.

If all our customers would download the complete 1 Giga byte batch of templates at once, our download server will turn unusable.

It is only possible to download one template at a time, choose a template style before you start downloading.
Please check the web templates gallery page to see previews of all our templates.

Click the preview window to get a full screen popup of an example website rendered in the chosen template and style.

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Can I use different templates in 1 website? For each language an other template?

The easiest way to create this effect is to:

Make different projects for each website.
Each project can have an other template.

In the index page of one project, change the link EZGenerator adds by default into a hand made link to the path of the different websites.

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Can you make a personalized template for my kind of business?

The EZGenerator template images can be customized.

Most of our templates have at least 1 image that can be changed at wish.
Please add a picture that reflects your business best.

You can also create a custom template starting from the Zero template.

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Collapsible (toggleable) menus.

Collapsible Menus (checkbox) - Sets menus to collapsible mode - so you will need to click menus to expand and access pages. If the option is not checked, all menus are visible at the same time. This option is available only for templates with vertical categories and menus.


To activate this, go to Project Template (section "Submenu Settings"):


Collapsible submenu activation

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How do I add my company logo to a template?

In most templates, you can use editable images.
Change the templates editable image with your companies logo.

  • Rightclick in the editor on the template image.
  • Click the editable image properties.
  • Locate your logo image on your hard disc.
  • Add your logo to the template.

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