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How can I transfer my EZGenerator projects between 2 EZGenerator running computers?

It is possible to simply copy the EZGenerator web site project directory from one computer to another.

Ezgenerator projects are sub-folders in ezgenerator/data/ folder:


project folders

How to transfer project in between v4:

  • Make sure your project and EZGenerator 4 are using the latest available versions of program and template. If a newer version of the program or template are available, download and apply them before moving the project! 
  • Copy your project from your installation folder (Program Files/ezgenerator4/data/)  and paste it into installation folder (Program Files/ezgenerator4/data/) on the other computer.
  • Open your project directly on the other computer
    notice: you can also copy folder to any other folde ron your pc (or to desktop), in this case : use 'open project from external folder' function to open project


How to transfer v3 project to v4:

  • Make sure your project is using the latest available version of the template. Still in V3, search for template updates and if a newer version of the template is available, download and apply it to your project before moving the project to V4! 
  • Copy your project from the Program Files/ezgenerator3/data/ folder and paste it into the Program Files/ezgenerator4/data/ folder.
  • Open your project in EZG 4.
  • Do a Full Build.

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