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Handling US/Canada Taxes in Shop

By default, shop in EzGenerator works with Taxes Included in price of products.

To display prices without Taxes, go to shop settings and enable 'VAT EXC MODE' and 'Tax Handling' options:

tax options


in payment settings, make sure tax is included in payment settings :


payment settings




do upload and login into shop online administration, taxes tab and use "Add CA taxes" button to add tax values for Canada and/or "Add Tax Line" to add US taxes


tax tab



on tax line use abbreviations --> US (for United States)   CA (for CANADA)

you can find US states abbreviations here


when ready, all prices in shop will be without taxes and tax will be calculated on checkout page (when custommer select country and state)

you can use following macros on cart page to display vat and prices :


taxes macros



or, to make it easier : add new shop page and select : paypal_IPN_ex_vat page layout preset...




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