Questions about ordering EZGenerator. 

Can I sell a website I made with EZGenerator?

Yes, you can without a problem sell websites you make in EZGenerator to your customers.

You can not give a copy of the EZGenerator software installation to your customer, in that case you need to order an additional EZGenerator license on your customers name.

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Can you send me the templates on a CD/DVD?

No. Both the EZGenerator program as the EZGenerator templates are only available online.

The EZGenerator installer is a 90Mb download.
A default range of templates is included in this installer.

Extra templates can be downloaded at the time you need them.
Templates are updated and added regularly.

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Do you have printable documentation?

No, but we do have very detailed online information available:

  • The detailed EZGenerator help file.
    F1 in the program or available online on the EZGenerator web site.
    This help is printable, but it will be difficult to find something in its printed version.

  • This EZGenerator how to blog
    for often asked questions on how to use specific EZGenerator features.

  • The EZGenerator user forum
    If none of the above sources give you an answer.
    Our technicians will answer your questions posted on the forum.

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Do you send me a CD-ROM with the EZGenerator program?

EZGenerator is a directly downloadable product.
You can download the installer (± 90 Mb in size) directly from our servers.

After your purchase payment is completed, you are directed to a page with download, installation and registration instructions. You get access to the EZGenerator links on your private download page: 'MY ACCOUNT'. If you follow these instructions, you will be up and running in no time.

This means that we do NOT send you a CD-ROM afterwards.

The advantage of this method is that we can easily provide you with :

* No shipping costs
* Direct online delivery
* FREE upgrades
* Pre-releases
* Manuals
* Tutorials
* Tech Support on our forum
* etc...

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How long does it take to send me my EZGenerator registration?

Order processing for EZGenerator is instant as soon as your payment is received.
Depending on the payment processing company your order uses, a few minutes delay could occur (maximum 30 minutes).
RBS Worldpay / PayPal
As soon as your payment is processed, the software is available on your personal 'my account' page. Most payments are processed instantly.

A delay of maximum 15 to 30 minutes is possible.
Please do not retry an order directly.
Avangate will try to verify your payment manually if automatic processing is not possible.

Order status:
One of these statuses is shown after the payment page:

unpaid -> you can restart a new order payment after 30 minutes.
pending -> contact Avangate to give them extra information about your orders payment.
on-hold -> contact Avangate to give them extra information about your orders payment.


Contact Avangate:
Avangate has a 24/7 hotline, where you can call for human help if your orders payment is for some reason not accepted.

Please check for e-mail messages from Avangate before calling them.
There will be a specific ordering number in their e-mail message.
Communicate that number to the Avangate staff member, so they find back your order try faster.

Shopper support on order and payment related issues:
International: +31 88 000 0008 (24 hour support)
USA and Canada: (650) 963 - 5701

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