Audio/Video Players

If you belong to a band, are a musician or podcaster you might want to share your music over the internet.

What better way is there than to create your own website!

With EZGenerator you can list your MP3 files in a single or multi MP3 player, making it easy for visitors to enjoy your music.

Regardless of the purpose MP3 web players will brighten up your web site and add interesting, user interactive content.

EZGenerator offers a wide variety of MP3 & Flash skins that support the following multimedia formats: mp3/flv/swf/mp4/youtube.
Get Adobe Flash player

Get Adobe Flash player

SoundCloud Embed

The SoundCloud player can be added to your web pages as html insert. Just add the link to your song in the added code an you're done.

Audio Feeded from Podcasts Rss

Rss Parser Widget can be used to play audio from external (or internal) rss feeds.



EZGenerator loves images...
EZGenerator provides many ways to insert images or slideshows on your website. Insert a single image or several images in one step to create beautiful (javascript and Flash) slideshows. There’s also an option to create roll-over effects, or to add borders and shadows to images.