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All FULL features of EZGenerator are available in this Trial version, except for following Trial limitations:

Template Downloads are disabled, Trial version contains selection of 200 templates
Trial version will switch the letter 'a' to the letter 'e' on every webpage you render (can have funny results :-)

Trial version will add a footer on every webpage saying:
'This page has been generated with the Trial version of EZGenerator'.

All processed Images will get a 'Demo' Watermark

These limitations do not apply when using the full version. You don't have to re-work your website. Just order your full version here and re-render your site to be up and running.

System Requirements

Windows Vista/Windows7/Windows8
Screen resolution: 1024 x 768 pixels (or higher)
Internet connection

When using PHP-enabled pages (eg. shop, blog, calendar, Newsletter, ...) your web hosting provider needs to support minimum PHP v5.0 (but don't worry as about 97% of all web hosting providers support PHP!).

MySQL is optional, but required for many advanced features.