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Add custom code (html or php)not compatible with EZG pages structure

To add custom page content, that's not compatible with the current EZG structure (no possible to add the content directly into the pages), try to use this:


  1. Set up the extra page you want with the content you want added into it.
    If you want to manage the page via EZG (and make it part of the project anyway), you can try this:
    • make new page in EZG (wherever you prefer).
    • in page settings check the hide template checkbox (to be able to check it, you have to check hidden in menu first).
    • add macro NOPAGEFOOTER on the page
    • suppress float login (if active)
    • add the required content (you may also use the HTML button in Editing tools for it).

    If you want to make your own page - use external FTP (or some of the ignored from optimization folders in EZG) and upload the desired file on the server. For this option you will have to make full html structure (html, head, body, ect tags), because of the iFrame and no EZG template included to build the page structure.

  2. Once you have the page prepared, make the other page (or open already existing one) that will hold the extra page.
  3. Use the Inline frame option from Widgets and for source add the url of the page, created in 1. (you can use relative paths too in this field).
  4. Set up the rest of the fields (ensure you have unique element id and appropriate name) and settings (the settings button) in the Inline frame dialog.
  5. Confirm and upload

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Can you make a personalized template for my kind of business?

The EZGenerator template images can be customized.

Most of our templates have at least 1 image that can be changed at wish.
Please add a picture that reflects your business best.

You can also create a custom template starting from the Zero template.

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Customizing Template search box

to change css layout of search box:

go to 'project template' tab --> 'template editor' --> 'css' and append this as new line (you can change it with css controls to fit your needs)


#search_box{background: #a6a6a6;border: 1px solid #9b9b9b; color: #ffffff;height:22px; padding: 0 7px;border-radius: 2px;margin:8px 32px 8px 8px;}


to customize search button: 


#search_button{background: #1b1b1b;border: 1px solid #545454;color: #ffffff;position: absolute;right: 7px;top: 8px;width: 24px;height: 24px;border-radius: 2px;}


search area (div) can be also customized :


#search{background:#d8d8d8;border:1px solid #cacaca;border-radius: 10px;}


you can also use images as background...


to make search button invisible:




to remove label from search button (in case you use background image), go to language setting tab --> interface labels --> search labels and change label for 'search'



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How do I add my company logo to a template?

In most templates, you can use editable images.
Change the templates editable image with your companies logo.

  • Rightclick in the editor on the template image.
  • Click the editable image properties.
  • Locate your logo image on your hard disc.
  • Add your logo to the template.

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How to add and use shop custom fields

To use add custom fields to the shop products data, follow these steps:

  1. Open the shop page settings
  2. Open the Data dialog
  3. Edit the fields
  4. Confirm the changes

    Data management steps

  5. Open the page where the changes should be visible.
  6. Open the macros fields dialog

  7. Select the new fields from the macros list
  8. Place the macros to the desired place

  9. Upload your project changes
  10. Go to the shop Online Administration

  11. Go to the "settings" section

  12. Click on "Update database" button

  13. Modify the products (or add new ones)

Note: User input field does not have corresponding field in the products management section (as this is something users fill, not the shop moderator).

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