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Adding Google Analytics to Admin Panel of Your Site

Before add Google Analystic to Admin Panel you need to be sure that:
1. You use one of the Fullscrean presents for Online Administration (CA). This can be changed in Project Template->Template Editor->Online Aministration then change Preset drop down to Fullscreen...
2. Google Analystics plugin is enabled in Project Settings->Online Administration.

3. You added Google Analystics to You Website. Be sure for next steps you use same google account (email) as you use to access your tracking code from Google.


If those 3 steps are accomplished then you need to create Google Client ID for web applications in Google developers page and insert it in settings online admin panel of your site. To do that folow:

  1. Go to https://console.developers.google.com/project. Use same account as you did when access Tracking code from Google
  2. If you don't have projects have to create one:
  3. Go to you created project and click on "APIs and auth" tab. Here in "Consent screen" you need to confirm you Email Address and add Product name then click Save. In "Credentials" you will create Client ID for Web Applications using your hostname.




     4.   Now have to Enable Analystics API in APIs:



      5.  Go to  Credentials  again and copy Client ID:



     6.  Paste this ID in ANALYTICS CLIENT ID in online admin settings panel of your site.
     7.  All you have to do now is in ANALISTICS tab in online admin panel to Access Google Analystics by simply confirm your Google account.

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Adding Google Analytics to Your Website

Here are steps on how to add Google Analytics to your website (in EzGenerator)


1. Sign up for Google Analytics

2. Access your tracking code.

3. Add the tracking code to your project (see image)


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Google Fonts Support

EzGenerator support Google Web Fonts

Google Web fonts works in most browsers, but they are not correctly displayed inside EzGenerator  (edit and browse mode) if Internet Explorer version 9 (IE9) is installed.


to fix this problem, either :

1. enable IE8 browser mode in application options dialog, (drawback is that this will also make new CSS3 features invisible inside ezgenerator)




2. download fonts you are planning to use from Google Web Fonts and install them and install them on your pc.

(in this case, both google fonts and CSS3 features will be displayed inside Ezgenerator)


(notice, all above only affects visibility of this features inside EzGenerator, both CSS3 and Google fonts works fine online)

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Google Map is not properly displayed in a Tabbed Table (HTabs)

If you use google maps inside Tabbed table (HTabs) in any other tab than the first one, google map is not displayed properly.


To make this work, you will have to set one setting manually as workaround:
- go to Tab Settings in EZG
- there is Parameters box
- set gmid:x (where x is the number of the tab with google map)

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