Enable Reservation System

When reservation system is enabled, calendar page is transformed into Reservation system where customers can make reservation for chosen day and free hour.


With this calendar future you have ability to:

 - change reservation time slot (in minutes) - available reservations hours (by default every 60 minutes)

 - change maximum reservations per time slot

 - create additional one day event (in Available hours category) so you can extend time slots for this day

 - create holiday events (to disallow reservations during holiday)

 - confirm or unconfirm reservations

 - send confirmation/unconfirmation email to your customers

 - print reservations overview for some period so your business will is more organized.


To enable Reservation system in EZG:

 1. Create calendar page with reservation preset

 2. Locate Request form in calendar page, which you can edit (add fields, change submit message and so.on)

 3. upload changes


To create event for reservations in online calendar admin panel:

1. Create event with START DATE / END DATE which will represent available hours for this date period. Chose category: Available hours

2. Customize reservations in calendar Settings panel. You can set following options:

  • RESERVATION SLOT in minutes (if you set for example event with time from 09:00 am to 17:00 am and slot is 60 minutes you will have 8 free hours)
  • RESERVATIONS PER SLOT - maximum reservations per time slot
  • AUTO CONFIRM RESERVATIONS - when disabled, admin has to manually confirm reservations in calendar Reservations panel.
  • AUTO-SEND CONFIRM E-MAIL - confirmation email to user will be sent automatically (requires email field in reservation form)
    if disabled, e-mail will be sent when confirmed by admin.
  • ADMIN NOTIFICATION email message (for admin)
  • RESERVATION CONFIRM and UNCONFIRM messages and subjects (for users)

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How to insert the calendar box (from my calendar) in another page

Insert calendar box using Inline Frame (use this method when adding calendar in template editable area)

  • add inline frame widget
  • define url for inline frame :  http:/  (replace this with real url of your calendar)
  • set height of inline frame to +- 300 and width to +- 180






Insert calendar box using Insert HTML (use this method, when adding calendar on single page)

  • Go to the page where you want to insert the calendar box
  • Select Insert HTML
  • Paste the following code:

< script src="../folder/calendar_page.php?action=showcaljs" type="text/javascript">< /script>


Example: < script src="../documents/calendar.php?action=showcaljs" type="text/javascript">< /script>

    • Open Page Settings panel for this page and go to Scripts/Page Background tab
    • Paste the following code:


      < link type="text/css" href="../ezg_calendar/XX_cal_textstyles.css" rel="STYLESHEET" title="Calendar">

Where XX is ID of your calendar page.

If page is in root, remove '../'.


You can find the page ID number by clicking on your page in EZG and looking right above the page settings tab (top left side) (in EZG4 it's on the bottom left hand side), where is says something like WEB Calendar [documents/calendar.php] [XX] --> that number is your page ID


!!! Make sure to remove the space between < and script/link

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