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Can I recover my project using my uploaded web site?

The EZGenerator web project isn't the same as your online web site.
The web project contains more information than the online pages.

EZGenerator includes multiple backup options.
Please first check if one of these options backup files are still available to recover your web project.

EZGenerator can not download your online web site and turn it back into an EZGenerator web project.

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How can I transfer my EZGenerator projects between 2 EZGenerator running computers?

It is possible to simply copy the EZGenerator web site project directory from one computer to another.

Ezgenerator projects are sub-folders in ezgenerator/data/ folder:


project folders

How to transfer project in between v4:

  • Make sure your project and EZGenerator 4 are using the latest available versions of program and template. If a newer version of the program or template are available, download and apply them before moving the project! 
  • Copy your project from your installation folder (Program Files/ezgenerator4/data/)  and paste it into installation folder (Program Files/ezgenerator4/data/) on the other computer.
  • Open your project directly on the other computer
    notice: you can also copy folder to any other folde ron your pc (or to desktop), in this case : use 'open project from external folder' function to open project


How to transfer v3 project to v4:

  • Make sure your project is using the latest available version of the template. Still in V3, search for template updates and if a newer version of the template is available, download and apply it to your project before moving the project to V4! 
  • Copy your project from the Program Files/ezgenerator3/data/ folder and paste it into the Program Files/ezgenerator4/data/ folder.
  • Open your project in EZG 4.
  • Do a Full Build.

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Where does EZGenerator save my project?

Your project is saved in [EZGenerator]/data/[Project name]
where [EZGenerator] is the folder EZGenerator is installed on your PC
and [Project] is your project name.


This folder contains full offline project content.


PHP pages as Blog, Calendar, Photoblog, Guestbook, Online Editable page, Podcast, Subscribe store data online (in on-line database).




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