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Do I need to have any previous updates installed to be able to use online update?

EZGenerator online updates are downloaded automatically at startup of your EZGenerator program.
The downloaded update is only executed as soon as you close and restart the EZGenerator program.

The online update will automatically change your EZGenerator program to the latest version, regardless of your current EZGenerator programs version number. The online update detects all outdated EZGenerator files and replaces them with the latest EZGenerator program version files.

Your webproject directories are never touched by the online update.

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How can I manually update EZGenerator?

No, there is no default procedure for downloading EZGenerator updates manually.

We develop and update EZGenerator at an almost daily basis.
Each time you start EZGenerator, the program will download the most recent program version automatically.

We suggest you try to use the automatic update from Menu help > Online update.

If the automatic update does not work, please check our EZGenerator support forum.

You will find suggestions to solve most common update errors there.

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Will EZGenerator templates stay available for free?

Your EZGenerator license comes with a 1-year update subscription.

You have full access to all templates and program updates during 1 year.
After the period of free updates, if you want to get further updates you should subscribe for a new 1-year update subscription

It is NOT REQUIRED to get 1-year update subscription, you can use EZGenerator without subscription if you don't need updates.

You can pay for subscription later when you need updates again (which will give you rights for updates for next 1 year).

When your update subscription gets expired, this doesn't mean EZGenerator is expired or unusable, you can keep using software and already downloaded templates.

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