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Can I use different templates in 1 website? For each language an other template?

The easiest way to create this effect is to:

Make different projects for each website.
Each project can have an other template.

In the index page of one project, change the link EZGenerator adds by default into a hand made link to the path of the different websites.

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Can you make a personalized template for my kind of business?

The EZGenerator template images can be customized.

Most of our templates have at least 1 image that can be changed at wish.
Please add a picture that reflects your business best.

You can also create a custom template starting from the Zero template.

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Can you send me the templates on a CD/DVD?

No. Both the EZGenerator program as the EZGenerator templates are only available online.

The EZGenerator installer is a 90Mb download.
A default range of templates is included in this installer.

Extra templates can be downloaded at the time you need them.
Templates are updated and added regularly.

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Different administration template

To make online administration looks not like the normal pages (add / remove / edit some elements on the default template), there is pretty simple trick that can be used:

  1. Inside EzGenerator add new page
  2. Name of the page must be: template_source
  3. Folder that contains this page should be: documents (or -root- if some issues with the links appear)
  4. Edit this page layout the way you want (use macros or per page template tab)
  5. upload this new page


Once uploaded, the project will automatically detect it and start using it.

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Is there a blank template available in EZGenerator?

We have a blank templates available called 'zero'.

If you want to design your own template, you have few options:

  • Use Zero/v1 or Zero/v1_black template (which are in fact empty templates) and define layout for each page.
    you can use sitemap widget to add pages navigation or you can use your own (external) menus
  • Use Zero/v**980 templates, where you define the layout for each page and use EZG menu's. To insert menu, right-click in page and use ZERO mode fields option.
  • Customize one of the existing templates, using Template Styles/Html option.

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