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EZGenerator installation instructions (new version 4)

ATTENTION: EZGenerator 4 no longer uses a 20 digit serial number for registration.
ATTENTION: EZGenerator is no longer sold (since October 2015).
From October 2016 on, existing registered customers keep having access to their EZGenerator registration and templates for free.
Sign in to www.image-line.com to find EZGenerator information under the 'my licenses' section.


New procedure:

A. Install the EZGenerator 4 trial program.
B. Enter your 'my account' sign in details into the EZGenerator 4 program (in the about window).


A. Install the EZGenerator 4 trial:

  1. Sign in to www.image-line.com
  2. Go to 'my licenses'
  3. Open the 'EZGenerator' information
  4. Download the EZGenerator trial version installer


B. Step by step registration of the program:

  1. Start the EZGenerator trial program.

  2. Click the EZGenerator logo at the top right of the program (arrow 1) and select 'About EZGenerator' from the menu (arrow 2)

    EZGenerator menu 
  3. Click the 'Unlock' button

    Unlock button
  4. Enter your www.image-line.com 'my account' sign in details.
    This is your e-mail address used when ordering EZGenerator and your own chosen password.

    !! Attention: Do not forget to read and accept our 'Terms of use'

    Click the 'unlock' button to continue

    registration details
  5.  Your EZGenerator program is now registered / unlocked.

    EZGenerator is unlocked - registered

  6. You see your name and customer number appear in the EZGenerator About window.
    Program registration name visible 
  7.  Close About dialog and click on Full Build button on top (to remove any Trial version replacements in code)



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I lost my EZGenerator registration. Can you re-send it?

Your EZGenerator registration and installation stay available to you at all times.
Find them on your 'my account' page under 'my licenses' (sign in might be needed)


sign in process

Your \\'my account\\' sign in codes are:
Re-download the registration file from your 'my account' page after sign in to www.image-line.com
- Sign in e-mail: The e-mail address you used to order EZGenerator
- Password: The password you entered/chose yourself when ordering.

Click the image below to see a video of the complete process:
EZGenerator sign in process

When you forgot your password:
Go to the password recovery page: Forgot your password? Retrieve your password here!
When you forgot your sign in e-mail and/or password:
Contact our registration staff by creating a private 'support ticket'
Add your original ordering information to the message (name, postal address, e-mail, payment ID, ...)

EZGenerator 3 users:
Your old EZGenerator 3 serial number is also listed on the 'my account' page under \\'my licenses\\'
Find it at the bottom of the EZGenerator registration information box


EZGenerator 3 serial number location

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