Customization of counter statistics charts color

You can customize these colors through Template Editor dialog, the CSS tab.
Add 2 lines:




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Different administration template

To make online administration looks not like the normal pages (add / remove / edit some elements on the default template), there is pretty simple trick that can be used:

  1. Inside EzGenerator add new page
  2. Name of the page must be: template_source
  3. Folder that contains this page should be: documents (or -root- if some issues with the links appear)
  4. Edit this page layout the way you want (use macros or per page template tab)
  5. upload this new page


Once uploaded, the project will automatically detect it and start using it.

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Facebook login

EzGenerator provides users with the ability to login to the site via Facebook API.
Users in this case may or may not have already account in the EzGenerator site.

How it works:

1. User is prompted (via Facebook API) to login to Facebook (if user is already logged into Facebook, this step is skipped).
2. User's email, username and other public data is recieved from the API.

3. System check the email provided and matches it against the current site users e-mails.

3.1. If match is found, user is logged with the matched user data
3.2. If match is not found, new users is created with the given e-mail and the user data, provided by Facebook (username is re-worked to obey the EzGenerator username patterns).

Note: If email doesn't match, and new user is created, but the new created username matches another one in the system, the user creation will fail (with MySQL error) and user won't be able to login.

Although chances are small for this to happen, it's not impossible. 
To prevent this, make sure all users have e-mail addresses in your site.


Note2: As new EzGenerator users, created via Facebook login have random password, that's not recovarable and never shown anywhere, for the user to be able to login the normal way (username/password), he will need to first request new password via "Forgot your password" link in the login section.

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HowTo o Show User-Specific page after login

1. add login widget on one of the pages, in widget setting, set start page to : First Available Page



2. In online administration, registration settings set "Redirect After Login" to "page"



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TinyMCE editor (Innova editor alternative)

TinyMCE is external editor from MoxieCode and is fully supported by all ezgenerator online pages.

It can replace include Innova Editor included inside EZGenerator.


To Install TinyMCE in ezgenerator follw this steps.

1. download latest version of tinyMCE from here  select "Main Package" (not jquery or development packages) and save it your pc

2. inside EZGenerator, go to project settings, advanced, select in "Online HTML Editor" TinyMCE and navigate to location where you saved package (1)

3. if you want to use additional languages (only english is include inmain package), go here and select languages you need in your project, then download and save package on your pc

4. use button 'install additional languages to install languages installed in (3)

5. you can now select languages same way as you do for innova editor (language bar --> editor language)

6. do Full Build to apply changes to all scripts in project



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