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Create forum-like blog

Quick tutorial about how to make your EZG blog into a pretty good forum.



Few notices


  • Although it's not clear at the beginning of the video, every time new View is added. 
  • My layouts were in other language at first, so in the video you will notice few text changes, but in the uploaded files all should be English-labeled.
  • If you add category and subcategories, and then add posts to subcategories only, it won't let you click the main category on the front page. You must have at least one post in the main category too.
  • The "write psot +" button allows you to write to a different category, but it will pre-select the current one automatically.
  • The styles and the layour are very basic and definitely not for production. I highly recommend altering all the views and the frontpage to something that will fit your site.
  • In the fron page template css (vertical TEMPLATE button -> bottom (css) tab) there is a bit of a code that handles the front-page categories listing. Use/alter/remove this to make your categories list looks appropriate.


I used presets here, but you can instead use these: Forum modules archive

Unzip the archive into a new folder. There are 4 modules inside the archive:

  • frontpage
  • post
  • cat(egory)
  • search

Each of the modules has 3 files. For the impot you need the "rfv" files.

Just right-click -> Extra -> Import and select the proper file.

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How to use "Exchange rate" in shop pages

Exchange rates are just numbers which you can use in calculaton. They are not altrnative currency prices. 
The main indea of this section is to define the ratio of each exchange rate, and use it globally among the given shop subpages, thus saving time in replacing values for exchange rates on a daly basis.

  • Create exchange rates macros:
  1.  Go to shop online admin page and click on "SETTINGS" navigation tab.
  2.  Click on "exchange rate" button.
  3.  In Exchange Rate Options table you can add currencies with rates. You can only use lowercase characters and underscore for the currency name and floating point  numbers or whole numbers for the rate.
  4.  When finished adding currencies with rates click on "Save" button and now you have macros currencies in your database. Those currencies are available only for current shop page.
  • Use exchange rates in shop page (img.1):
  1. Open you project in Ezgenerator and go to the shop page for which you create Exchange Rates (currencies macros).
  2. Click on "categories", for example.
  3. in "CART" you can type: %EVAL(%your_currency_name%<*>%SHOP_TOTAL%)%  or other formula
  4. Publish your changes.
  5. In the end eval function multiplies current SHOP_TOTAL by your exchange rate.

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