The Online Administration in detail (Back-Office / CMS)

EZGenerator gives you a unique online tool to manage all your variable input pages like Blog, Calendar, Online editable page, Shop, etc.

If your site has 5 blogs, 8 forms for subscription to different services, a shop and podcast, you normally have to access all these pages one by one. Not in EZGenerator! The Online Administration centralizes all these functions.

The Administrations panel is part of each EZGenerator project. Once you upload your site, you can login to your Admin page online where you can manage users accounts, see visitors and check counter statistics and easily access all protected or online editable pages.
EZGenerator has a registration system that allows users to configure personal options. There are user groups with various permissions to set on what users are allowed to access or edit.
Measuring the performance of your website is very important! ZGenerator let's you add a COUNTER to your website and to monitor visitor activity.