Version Info [Version Info]

- blog : added possibility to use rss parameters (&q, &items, &orderby) when rss caching is enabled

- forcing https (from http) on blogs (on https sites)

- fix : coupons were applied to shipping in vat inc mode [Version Info]

(fix) for long files names when error shows [Version Info]

(update) Added order By and order Type in Guestbook pages

(fix) remove error message in html5 player when reloading;

(update) added state 'add_entry_form' for ezg plugin system in Guestbook pages

(update) added extra classes to %GUESTBOOK_MENU% links, to search box and input in guestbook front page

(update) added image file input support in Data fields of guestbook pages

(update) added re-index option for messages in guestbook settings page
(update) search in guestbook is now only for those fields added in %GUESTBOOK_OBJECT% macro in ezg template

(update) added file_input_image support in manage messages in guestbook admin panel; added time string to uploaded images name;

(fix) minor fix in IF macro parse function

(update) added replace if macro and eval macro support in lister rss action

(update) when combine two rss urls now items are merged by key (first key of array 1 followed by first key of array 2 and so on) only when Random Entries is enabled ...

full [Version Info]

(update) Facebook Widget : Facebook "Like Box" replaced by Facebook "Page Plugin"  as Like Box is marked as deprecated by Facebook

(update) in Messages - now drop-down with users is nice structure like color options in shop pages with user's avatars and added new filter feature

(fix) important fixes in Messages system

(fix) Shop cleanup button is replaced properly in old templates

(fix) minor fixes in Messenger

(update) added live search of users in send friendship request form

(fix) set memory_limit to -1 (fix for servers with small memory limit)

(update) added full name of the users in Messages tables

(update) added full names to filter in drop-down with users in Messages

(fix) in delete multiple messages in Messages system
(fix) in Messages tables layout

(update) Content Builder editor to version 1.8.2
(update) InnovaEditor to version 1.7.3
(update) added "Hudl 2" tablet in mobile detect script

(fix) Innova Editor added missed language scripts

(fix) shipping weight now is with number format ...

full [Version Info]

(added) shop: shipping type based on total products weight

(fix) ezg crashing when editing unclosed css lines

(added) reservations left in available hours in front reservation form.

(added) retina display support in responsive mode

(added) callback function: color_changed_niceSelect on color changed in shop options which must be pre defined.

(fix) time format in some CA panels like LOG FILE is now 24 hours format

(added) Messages functionality in admin panel for both users and admins

(fix) Messages functionality is now compatible with php < 5.3
(fix) now drop-down with users in Messages is bigger for better user experience

(fix) date in tables of received, sent messages and friends in Messages when time format is 12

(fix) Messages settings page when editor is innova

(added) %image1_path% (absolute path to first image of products) macro in bank-wire notification message

(added) option support (option macro will be replaced with drop-down or radio button) in catalog front pages

(fix) changed IP address of debugging functions

full [Version Info]

(fix) marquee effect for div

(update) external links are not anymore displayed in iframe if page header is defined

(added) shop/catalog, option to limit number of products taht can be created by user(editor)  

(update) online multibox slides-show, thumbnails appearance improved

(added) .xlsb in allowed extensions (uploads)

(added) Hudl tablet added to tablet detection

(added) JWPLAYER 7 support (support for JWPLAYER < 6 is removed now)

(update) calendar, tooltip settings moved from offline to on-line

(added) calendar, tooltips, option to use category name in tooltips (instead of event name)

(added) possibility to use decimal cart amounts in shop

(added) newsletter: option to download subscribers per group

(added) newsletter: option to define default group for new subscribers

(added) shop: multi-buy option, see howto

(added) shop: wishlist feature, see howto

(update) Content builder update v. 1.8.1, added html editing button and extra blocks [Version Info]

(update) tiny_mce editor updated to latest version 4.2.1 (add support for their new image editor added, see

(shop) shop settings --> data dialog, more options for text field types (tnytext,mediumtext, text(128),text(64)) ...

(added) global slideshows, please read :

(update) artisteer import, will now keep css formatting

(fix) artisteer import, buttons not visible in editor directly after import

(fix) template reset, missing editable images for pages hidden in menu [Version Info]

(added) duplicate category function (all modules)

(added) calendar, reservations : confirmation e-mails

(added) support for .svg images in most dialogs (not yet in insert pictures, but should wotk with SHIFT option)

(new) direct editing of product description (shop product detail page)

(new) shop, options editor

(update) added forms and hidden divs to fast backup

(update) manage projects  --> restore from backup function can now also handle zipped projects (not from backup )

(new) mass delete function in shop stock [Version Info]

(added) shop, basket in popup, see instructions

(added) mini-editor for comments (optional), only in blog/photoblog/guestbook

(added) search function in project template --> styles

(added) captcha support for calendar reservations module

(added) content builder option for blog (on page editing)

(update) table blocks code simplified, handle image replaced with css

(added) adding products to mini-cart without re-loading page (ajax)

(added) shop/catalog comments option : rating (to cooment products in shop with rating)

(added) expired status for website users

(added) shop/catalog , auto publishing/unpublishing of products (with custom fields published_date/unpublished_date)

(added) paragraph styles, default paragraph style

(fix) template editor/page editor (css part), editing of multi-line styles

(added)  reservation option for calendar (to use calendar as simple reservation system)

example :

notice: this is still beta, use calendar preset : reservations for testing




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