[Version Info]

(update) Facebook Widget : Facebook "Like Box" replaced by Facebook "Page Plugin"  as Like Box is marked as deprecated by Facebook

(update) in Messages - now drop-down with users is nice structure like color options in shop pages with user's avatars and added new filter feature

(fix) important fixes in Messages system

(fix) Shop cleanup button is replaced properly in old templates

(fix) minor fixes in Messenger

(update) added live search of users in send friendship request form

(fix) set memory_limit to -1 (fix for servers with small memory limit)

(update) added full name of the users in Messages tables

(update) added full names to filter in drop-down with users in Messages

(fix) in delete multiple messages in Messages system
(fix) in Messages tables layout

(update) Content Builder editor to version 1.8.2
(update) InnovaEditor to version 1.7.3
(update) added "Hudl 2" tablet in mobile detect script

(fix) Innova Editor added missed language scripts

(fix) shipping weight now is with number format with 2 decimals and thousands separator: space

(fix) Innova Editor added missed innova.css file

(fix) Innova Editor added missed flicker and style tabs

(fix) Innova Editor link insert issues in FireFox

(fix) Innovaeditor when try to close Slideshow window

(fix) minor fix in ContentBuilder editor

(fix) in back button in return shop page where clicking on the button return only js error

(fix) hide #earea3 in responsive mode

(fix) minor fixes in flat verison

(fix) in Messages when memory_limit error shows, due to huge number of users when build drop-down with users

(update) responsive functionality to Tooltip of images and/or links

(fix) responsive functionality when width and position of the Tooltip are not set in EZG Tooltip settings.

(fix) in coupons when use_ajax is enabled and macro is used in product page. Now coupon is added without page reload.

(fix) some language labels

(fix) sitename2 font-size in responsive mode now is smaller than s sitename1.

(fix) in registration when field is hidden and required at the same time

(fix) in OEP when insert internal link (from innovaeditor folder) in innova live editor and Protocol is http or https.

(update) Added alert message when minimum order is not reached in checkout page.

(fix) return cancel page when IPN is enabled in EZG but not in Paypal

(fix) in paypal_module when order is not valid and IPN is not enabled in Paypal

(update) Added new Html5 Player in Innova and Tiny Editors

(update) Added video support for Html5 Player in Innova and Tiny Editors

(fix) limit own posts in lister pages and added more limit values

(update) add full screen video support in new html5 player and next prev track buttons

(fix) in related pasts and prodcuts - order by weight and page order setting

(fix) in IF macro when condition induces tags. Now we get only text between tags.

(fix) in option builder in shop pages; now can type both comma and dot in price offset.

(fix) in IF macro when search for comparison operators in condition.

(update) in ealert message function.

(fix) minnor fixes.

(fix) when database sharing is active the duplicated page has same categories sort as linked page categories;

(fix) when create General category in lister pages but the table is not empty

(fix) h1 to h6 css styles in Content Builder now apply only inside .containerCB div (not to all page)

(fix) images path in pdf invoice and responsive page id

(fix) LINEPRICE macro in shop pages when Currency Format is set to 1.000,00

(fix) SHOP_ORDER_DATE macro in pdf invoice; now date is properly formated;

(fix) html5 player plugin where in multi players control over them is broken;

(fix) country shipping settings; now for select options are used county code not names;

(update fix) added poll support in editable areas pages

(update) added quick product functionality in New Product window




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