[Version Info]

(update) Added order By and order Type in Guestbook pages

(fix) remove error message in html5 player when reloading;

(update) added state 'add_entry_form' for ezg plugin system in Guestbook pages

(update) added extra classes to %GUESTBOOK_MENU% links, to search box and input in guestbook front page

(update) added image file input support in Data fields of guestbook pages

(update) added re-index option for messages in guestbook settings page
(update) search in guestbook is now only for those fields added in %GUESTBOOK_OBJECT% macro in ezg template

(update) added file_input_image support in manage messages in guestbook admin panel; added time string to uploaded images name;

(fix) minor fix in IF macro parse function

(update) added replace if macro and eval macro support in lister rss action

(update) when combine two rss urls now items are merged by key (first key of array 1 followed by first key of array 2 and so on) only when Random Entries is enabled in Rss Feed Parser settings.

(fix) when submit empty file_input_image now it is not record in db for guestbook pages;

(fix) removed duplicate products in Lister cateogry page;

(fix) for guestbook pages when migrate from NOT mysql to mysql. Now posts are added in the db.

(update): added %approveurl% support in notification admin email in guestbook
(update): added return_url support in default login, which redirect to certain page (only in guestbook approveurl link for now)

(fix) for shop pages: quantity amount in order details and email notification messages when allow_float_amount is set to 0 and then back to 1;

(update) added lazyload of images in Ticker rss widget;

(fix) sideZoom in shop pages when images names contain spaces;

(fix) in Ticker Rss widget

(update) added lazy load functionality to SCALE macro

(update) added Goole Maps API KEY support

(update) invoice name of attached file in email and name of invoice when download from admin page is now editable in notification online settings panel.

(udapte) additional attachments support in confirmation order email in shop pages.

(fix) Animated checkbox in Project Template Menu Settings now choice is remembered

(update) added option in shop pages to Redirect customers to 404 error page if product typed in browser is wrong.

(fix) payment date in confirm bank-wire message; 

(fix) coupon amount; now it is set in normal form;

(fix) minor fixes

(fix) 404 page option in shop pages

(fix) 404 page redirect page in shop pages for rss parser widjet

(fix) html5 video player full screen and nex prev track functionality;

(update) added 404 page redirect when post typed in url is wrong in blog pages

(update) added canonical link in category view page for blog pages

(fix) responsive script when #xm2 div has no children (no tags) then use #xm1

(update) added event details in reservation slots and fixed css of reservations slots;

(fix) in reservation system when display reservations left text

(fix) 404 error page in shop pages for friendly url when search products and add to cart with action = addandcheckout;

(fix) innovaEditor button link classes

(fix) save entry in blog pages when view category is set in blog settings

(fix) registration option in calendar pages when user is already registered for an event. Now link to register is removed in this case.

(update) added new option in reservation to allow customers to reserving slot for current day.

(fix) minor fixes in reservation system in calendar page

(fix) disable mailing to users who register for event when 'RESTRICT MAILING TO ADMIN ONLY' is enabled.

(fix) white page text error when test upload settings

(fix) sending e-mail to user when admin add him to event and when there are multiple users in sending list;

(fix) add, remove and update item when ajax is enabled and variation macro is inserted in product detail page

(fix) added missing jquery UI file in contenbuilder/scripts folder

(fix) watermark option is shop pages where no image was set in php version >= 5.6

(update) Adding custom shipping list rates (like pickup, delivery services such as DHL, FedEx and so.on)

(fix) shipping option based on total weight in shop pages

(fix) redirect url after login for calendar Event Manager

(update) Added new option after Self registration - Admin can get emial for new registration attempt

(fix) cleanup button when ajax is used

(fix) generate invoice pdf in shop pages when on same web servers the size of file is 0

(fix) added coupons calculation in invoice pdf file

(fix) EVAL macro when arguments are between html tags

(update) added additional ogMeta tags for images in blog pages: og:height and og:width;

(fix) simple html5 player description toggle and styles

(update) added force full mode in timeline; when enabled will show all posts flags in timeline header no mater of count of the posts;

(fix) coupon calumniation when coupon is set in parse return page

(update) added handle of %SURVEY_DATA% macro in final page description which will print report of current user pages with answers;

(fix) bundle queries prefix tables

(fix) in delete bundles functionlaity

(fix) survey add conditions from questions where adding of answers is now working;

(fix) previous button appearance functionality. Now is visible always no mater of existing required fields in the page.

(fix) survey fields type number and date-calendar

(fix) bundles price where was not used right normalize format in shop pages

(fix) added missing content builder css file when CB is enabled for front edit

(fix) datepicker format in date field answer; now is related to project date format settings;




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