How To Enable and Use Content Builder editor in Front Blog Pages

Unlike other editors, the Content Builder provides you with beautifully designed content blocks, ready to drag & drop. You can even create your own content blocks.


To use Content Builder for front blog page You have to add first WRITE_POST_DIRECT macro in blog page. Upload changes.
Then to Enable Content Builder go to online blog settings and be sure that CONTENTBUILDER checkbox is checked.


Now visit Front blog page and be sure that your are logged and have write access.
If there is no posts in blog you will see post area and post title input to create one.
Create direct post using Content Builder:


Edit existing post in Front blog page:


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Using Blog Views Feature

with Blog Views you can create separate layout options for Blog (to display blog entries with different layout than main blog layout)


to use Blog Views, add one or more View pages in treeview explorer:


add view


after you add view page, specify options in view settings to make view different than main view:

view settings


name you chooose for blog view will be used to access this view in your blog :

for example, to access blog view on page index.php, add url and append name of view :   index.php?myview

(you can also use internal url picker in url dialog to select available views)


example default blog view

example alternative blog view


you can also link blog view from menu with external url option on page settings panel --> advanced


Other option you have with the views is the blog online settings. You can set default view for category, entry, search and tags. This way does not involve URL changes.


tip: you can also use views to show short version of article in main view and full article in another view:

on main blog page, add hyperlink : read more and use macro :  (replace &compact with name of your own view) as url






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