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Is there a template design tool, so you can custom design your own template?

EZGenerator works with its own templates only.

We provide a wide range of templates ready to use.

Easy customize:

EZGenerator templates have easy customization options.
No special knowledge is needed for these changes.

EZGenerator allows you to easy customize these template options:
- template image (the photo on top of the template)
- background
- colors
- fonts (style/color/size)
- buttons
- menu / category / page header items
- ...

More options for advanced users:

Radical changes in templates are possible, but it is a specialized and technical process.

EZGenerator includes a template editor, which allows you to highly customize a template.
This can be done starting from the empty 'zero' template, or from any other existing EZGenerator template.

You need to be an advanced user with thorough html/css/php knowledge to make these changes. 

EZGenerator supports import of Artisteer generated templates.

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Make page transparent

(Works for all templates)

 1. Open Templates from the side menu.
 2. Open the CSS tab (first one).

 3. Mark (click on) the tab $xm1
 4. Find the Opacity field and enter there the percent of opacity you want to use.
 5. Confirm.

Note: This transparent trick will also make page content transparent!

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Submenus (3rd Level) custom position

Inside ezgenerator you can select position of submenu's on page (left, right, top, bottom and inside menu's)

first 4 option will place submenu's as left/right/top/bottom panel inside page area for example :



if you need to place menus on custom position within page, you can use %SUBMENUS% macro, as here:


with this result :






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