Submenus (3rd Level) custom position

Inside ezgenerator you can select position of submenu's on page (left, right, top, bottom and inside menu's)

first 4 option will place submenu's as left/right/top/bottom panel inside page area for example :



if you need to place menus on custom position within page, you can use %SUBMENUS% macro, as here:


with this result :






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Survey generated embed code

Generate Embed Code area:
2 options available:


  1. Use this without users identification - it simply creates and iFrame code that can directly be put on some external page (site) and it will show the survey, cleaned from the template survey site use (custom CSS can be added, as well as some extra settings to make it look as preferred). In this case all customers are processed as guests.

  2. If user identification is used, 2 extra parameter are passed via script, that allow user recognition. Paremeters "markers" are filled in the corresponding fields and after that, when this code is put on the external page (site), these markers must be replaced with unique id and some name (name is not necessarily unique). Parsing can be done via PHP or JS and markers must be replaced with information about current logged user on the external site. This is up to the external site admins/developers how they will replace properly this information.



  • When users are processed as guests, their responses are processed (added into the statistics) only when they reach the final page. Also they cannot turn back and edit their answers.

  • If option 2 is set up, then users are know to the system and they can re-open the survey and edit what they have filled. System keeps the information they have filled, auto-fill it when they open given page and they edit what they want. Changes are reflecting the statistics. Their responses are processed on every page submit (when they click "next" or "previous" buttons).

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Tags Cloud Macro

Tags cloud macro  displays keywords as tags in Blog Page.

It can be used with no parameters, %TAGS_CLOUD%,  and its default settings will be used - 5000 tags in a single column.


Tags cloud macro can also accept parameters:

  1. %TAGS_CLOUD(alpha,2)% - tags will be displayed in two columns alphabetically ordered under adjoining letter (first letter in each tag) 

  2. %TAGS_CLOUD(300,7)% - first parameter limits number of tags to be displayed, second parameter shows in how many posts a keyword need to be found to be tagged.

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Tell A Friend As Popup

to add Tell A Friend As Popup on homepage (or any other page):


1. Add new blank page in your website, on page settings panel, visibility section, enable : Hide In Menu and Hide template options

if you use floating login, you may also want to disable floating login on this page : you can do this in page protection (page settings panel)

2. Add tell a friend widget (widgets --> forms --> tell friend) on this blank page, in Tell A Friend widget settings, enable option Refferer

3. go to your home page (or any other page), add button (or hyperlink), open button properties, select Link Type : internal page and navigate to page created in 1.)

select target : new window, popup or multibox




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TinyMCE editor (Innova editor alternative)

TinyMCE is external editor from MoxieCode and is fully supported by all ezgenerator online pages.

It can replace include Innova Editor included inside EZGenerator.


To Install TinyMCE in ezgenerator follw this steps.

1. download latest version of tinyMCE from here  select "Main Package" (not jquery or development packages) and save it your pc

2. inside EZGenerator, go to project settings, advanced, select in "Online HTML Editor" TinyMCE and navigate to location where you saved package (1)

3. if you want to use additional languages (only english is include inmain package), go here and select languages you need in your project, then download and save package on your pc

4. use button 'install additional languages to install languages installed in (3)

5. you can now select languages same way as you do for innova editor (language bar --> editor language)

6. do Full Build to apply changes to all scripts in project



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