My EZGenerator trial version puts an E for A?

This is NOT an error.
This is an EZGenerator demo version limitation.

Once you buy the full registered EZGenerator program all letters will stay as they were entered into the program.

  • The Trial version will switch the letter 'a' to the letter 'e'
    on every webpage you render.
  • Trial version will add a footer on every webpage saying:
    'This page has been generated with the Trial version of EZGenerator'.
  • All processed Images will get a 'Trial' Watermark.

For all demo limitations see the page on this link:
EZGenerator trial limitations

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My PC uses an ISP with dynamic IP addressing, can I register?

EZGenerator checks your IP address upon registration.

Internet Service Providors with dynamic IP addressing do not pose a problem for you to register (or re-register) your EZGenerator software.

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MySql Backup

EzGenerator doesn't make backup of online database.

To create backup, use online tools available in control panel of your hosting.

PhpMyAdmin utility is available on most of then hostings.

To make backup of online database in PhpMyadmin :

1. login to your phpmyadmin account

2. select database used in your project and click on export:



3. in export screen left all settings untouched, scroll down and in save as file" select zip option, then click on GO button:



save file, this file is your database backup

notice, on many accounts, database backup is done automatically by host, check your server documentation.




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MySQL support in EzGenerator v4

MySQL support:


EZG V4 can use MySQL for all php features (Blog, Calendar, Counter, Search, etc).

You set your project to either use MySQL, or flat files. You can't have MySQL blog and flat file calendar in same project.

To use Shop/Catalog you need to enable MySQL, there is no flat file catalog/shop.


To switch your existing project to MySQL, you have to go to Project Settings >> MySQL Settings an check Use MySQL for all Live pages and do Full build.


Important: If you switch your existing project to MySQL, all php features (Blog, Calendar, Counter, Search, etc) will be automatically transferred to MySQL, which means data will be moved from flat file to MySQL. So, you will not loose existing data!



What if I use separate database for each MySQL shop page?

In v4 all pages use same database, but each has its own database table.

1) you need to use phpmyadmin panel (this is administrator MySQL panel)
2) you have to choose one database that you will use for your project 
3) you have to export all other databases (that you use for shop pages) and then import the tables in the central database that you will use


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Ogone Configuration


To Use Ogone as payment provide in shop: 

a. add new page and select layout "shop_ogone"

b. create Ogone account (on Ogone website)

c. Configure following options in Ogone account



in 1. use url of your shop page with ?action=checkout at the end

in 2. SHA-IN : define password phrase here, you will also need it inside ezgenerator payment settings (see below)



in 3. use url of your shop page with ?action=return at the end

enable option 3. and 4.

in 6. SHA-OUT : define password phrase here, you will also need it inside ezgenerator payment settings (see below)


c.) inside EZGenerator, shop page settings, payment tab define following parameters



ID : your Ogone account ID

SHA-IN,SHA-OUT:  password phrases you defined inside Ogone



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