Can you make a personalized template for my kind of business?

The EZGenerator template images can be customized.

Most of our templates have at least 1 image that can be changed at wish.
Please add a picture that reflects your business best.

You can also create a custom template starting from the Zero template.

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Can you send me the templates on a CD/DVD?

No. Both the EZGenerator program as the EZGenerator templates are only available online.

The EZGenerator installer is a 90Mb download.
A default range of templates is included in this installer.

Extra templates can be downloaded at the time you need them.
Templates are updated and added regularly.

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Category Description

To add decription to a category in Blog Page  EZGenerator provides Category Header Object.

Object has following parameters 

1. %name% - name of category

2. %description% - description of category

3. %crumb% - displays category name as breadcrumb

4. %color% - it points to  color of  category 


Category Header Object must be outside of the Blog Object with following syntax:





In addition parameters could be used  within  HTML tags:

1. Editing Tools -> HTML:

<p style="color:%color%">%description%</p>

(note HTML must be inserted within Category Header Object)


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Change the maximum upload size of files (upload_max_filesize)

To change the upload size of your files (if the limit you have is too small), you can try one of these methods:

(The default size is most probably 2MB, in all examples we're going to change it to 5MB)

  1. Using the file php.ini
    Keep in mind, that this is the recommended option, but some hosts don't give you access to do this.
    Open the file, find and change the values of these two lines:
    • upload_max_filesize = 5M
    • post_max_size = 5M

    The lines may be commented with semi-column (;) and you will have to remove the comment.

  2. Using the .htaccess file.
    Add the following lines in the .htaccess file in your EZG root directory (online):
    • php_value upload_max_filesize 5M
    • php_value post_max_size 5M

    If there is no such file, you will have to create one (just make file with this name and add the code inside).

  3. (If none of the above works) Contact your administrator to change the size for you.

Note: The value of the size is one char only everywhere. It's 10M, not 10Mb or 10MB!

Note 2: The php.ini changes may require server (actually apache service) restart. Try to restart it somehow (or contact administrators for this) if after the change it still doesn't work.

Note 3: Additional changes you may wanna do together with the upload size, is the upload time. It could be changed by these two parameters:

[php_value] max_execution_time 200
[php_value] max_input_time 200

(The [php_value] part is for the .htaccess file only! And is used without the brackets)

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Collapsible (toggleable) menus.

Collapsible Menus (checkbox) - Sets menus to collapsible mode - so you will need to click menus to expand and access pages. If the option is not checked, all menus are visible at the same time. This option is available only for templates with vertical categories and menus.


To activate this, go to Project Template (section "Submenu Settings"):


Collapsible submenu activation

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