Facebook login

EzGenerator provides users with the ability to login to the site via Facebook API.
Users in this case may or may not have already account in the EzGenerator site.

How it works:

1. User is prompted (via Facebook API) to login to Facebook (if user is already logged into Facebook, this step is skipped).
2. User's email, username and other public data is recieved from the API.

3. System check the email provided and matches it against the current site users e-mails.

3.1. If match is found, user is logged with the matched user data
3.2. If match is not found, new users is created with the given e-mail and the user data, provided by Facebook (username is re-worked to obey the EzGenerator username patterns).

Note: If email doesn't match, and new user is created, but the new created username matches another one in the system, the user creation will fail (with MySQL error) and user won't be able to login.

Although chances are small for this to happen, it's not impossible. 
To prevent this, make sure all users have e-mail addresses in your site.


Note2: As new EzGenerator users, created via Facebook login have random password, that's not recovarable and never shown anywhere, for the user to be able to login the normal way (username/password), he will need to first request new password via "Forgot your password" link in the login section.

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Fixing Javascript

On some pc's registry settings for Javascript on local page becomes corrupted.

If Javascript for local pages is disabled, some EzGenerator features doesn't work anymore:


If you experience problems with one of the following :


- New Project Dialog

- Edit mode displays very small editor and you are unable to edit pages

- in V4, templates dialog, you are not able to select template variations



check following registry keys in registry editor:

HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionInternet SettingsZones


HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionInternet SettingsZones


(to open registry editor, click on windows start button and type : regedit  in search box)




normally , you should only see keys 0 1 2 3 4  there (see image), if you see extra entry, delete it, close regedit, and restart ezg and IE (if open)




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Flash tags cloud in blog/podcast

This option is no longer developed. We do not recommend you install and use it. If you are currently using this option, please consider disabling it.




How to install the flash tags cloud:

  • Download WP Cumulus flash plugin at WP CUMULUS Flash tags cloud
  • Unzip the archive and manually upload file tagcloud.swf in folder extdocs/ on server.
  • Open your project in EZGenerator, go to the Blog/Podcast page and insert %FLASH_TAGS_CLOUD% macro from Fields panel.


If you want to change the tags cloud size or colors, here is the list of parameters you can use:

%FLASH_TAGS_CLOUD(width,height,tag color,tcag olor2,hover color,background color,transparency,tspeed,distr)%


  • Width - width of tag cloud.
  • Height - height of tag cloud.
  • Tag color - tag color.
  • Tag color - tag color for less important tags. If supplied, tags will get a color from a gradient between both colors based on their popularity.
  • Hover color - tag mouseover/hover color.
  • Transparency - is set to true will set background transparency for the tags cloud. Possible values: true/false.
    Tspeed - determines the speed of the sphere’s rotation in percentage. The default is 100, higher numbers increase the speed.
  • Distr - even tag distributiosn along sphere. If set to true, the tags are distributed evenly over the sphere’s surface. Possible values: true/false.


Example: %FLASH_TAGS_CLOUD(300,200,e520ae,91cee3,ffcc00,ffffff,true,100,true)%


To use the plugin for other languages (that has special non ASCII characters), you’ll need to get version of tagcloud.swf that supports this.

For some languages such version is already available (Russian, Hebrew, Turkich, Polish) here, for others you can prepare such version by yourself following the instructions at:

How to add more characters to the Flash tags cloud

When you have proper version of tagcloud.swf, simply upload it on server in extdocs/ folder to replace the default one.


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Form widget, Adding HTML/ Script in reply

After Request Form (Widget) is submitted, submit message is displayed to user.

This submit message (you can set it widget settings) can be simple text but can also be formatted as html (or javascript).


if you need to include scripts in message, there are some limts :

You can put simple scripts inside submit message:
< script>alert('alert');</ script>

will work, notice, all code is on single line, single quotes are used

if you need something more complex, make it javascript function,

put it inside page scripts and call this function from submit message:
< script>runMyFunction();</ script>

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Google Fonts Support

EzGenerator support Google Web Fonts

Google Web fonts works in most browsers, but they are not correctly displayed inside EzGenerator  (edit and browse mode) if Internet Explorer version 9 (IE9) is installed.


to fix this problem, either :

1. enable IE8 browser mode in application options dialog, (drawback is that this will also make new CSS3 features invisible inside ezgenerator)




2. download fonts you are planning to use from Google Web Fonts and install them and install them on your pc.

(in this case, both google fonts and CSS3 features will be displayed inside Ezgenerator)


(notice, all above only affects visibility of this features inside EzGenerator, both CSS3 and Google fonts works fine online)

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